Your Questions Answered: Kentucky Safespace Project and CANS Assessment

Authors: Nate Lubold, Rebecca Raczka and Kate Gallagher

Who does Project Safespace serve?

Project Safespace services children in out-of-home care in the state of Kentucky. We created an innovative approach to addressing a gap in communication and collaboration between providers and Kentucky’s Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) through the implementation of an outcomes management system.

This system allows behavioral health providers to enter their clinical data, which is then transferred to the state case worker in real time. This functionality allows the providers and state to facilitate real-time decisions about a child’s treatment and placement.


My program was a part of the Safespace initiative that ends in September. Can my program continue to use Advanced Metrics software?

Yes, the initiative of the Safespace project is to create a resource that is sustainable well beyond the Safespace project. All the programs that are part of the Safespace project will be able to use the system. There is also an opportunity to use the system beyond out-of-home care.


How can my organization participate in this project?

Although the Safespace project began for specific organizations with children in out-of-home care, we are currently expanding what was originally created to provide other organizations with access to the robust resources that were designed for this project. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can provide support to your team, every step of the way. Please contact Advanced Metrics by email at or by phone at 443-708-7395.