Developed by healthcare experts and engineers, our technology blends with practitioners’ real-time workflow while facilitating collaborative communication among caregivers to promote shared decision making.

Advanced Metrics’ dashboards are agile by design, capable of being customized to facilitate a complete and dynamic screening tool that fits multi-disciplinary caregiving and collaboration.

With accessible, cloud-based dashboards, everyone in the patient’s care network can easily contribute to assessing and identifying faster paths to wellness.

By developing our technology to be human-centered, we assist healthcare professionals in helping more patients get well and stay well — improving our healthcare system for everyone with enhanced assessment and care, efficiency, and reduced costs.

The future of better care is here. And its data is human-centered.

We specialize in software development designed to bridge the science to service gap in healthcare where electronic health records and other legacy systems fall short. With a main focus on both patient care and practitioner workflow, Advanced Metrics brings agile and highly customizable software platforms to a practitioner’s daily routine that enhances practitioner decision making and ultimately improves patient outcomes by focusing on the data that matters most. The mission of Advanced Metrics is simple.