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The Readiness Inventory for Successful Entrepreneurship (RISE)

A Web-Based Tool for Measuring Entrepreneurship Skills

The Readiness Inventory for Successful Entrepreneurship (RISE) was founded on the idea that entrepreneurship, and its resultant innovation, are fundamental to economic growth and development. The theory behind RISE proposes that entrepreneurship is more about the development of specific skills than it is about the development of business plans or business models. RISE utilizes a web-based tool to provide skill assessment, allowing business developers to strategize, build skills and establish a baseline for measuring progress.

Using an innovative theory of measurement called “communimetrics,” RISE clinically assesses 30 entrepreneurship skills within four types of management: transformation, relationship, business and organizational process. The assessment begins by identifying an entrepreneur’s baseline skillset, similar to a rung of a skill-development ladder. The entrepreneur’s progress up the ladder is monitored by periodically repeating the assessment throughout the coaching process. In this way, the entrepreneur’s present position on the ladder is known and a clear path to skill mastery can be mapped and followed using strategic coaching interventions.

In addition to regular feedback from the coach, RISE includes self-assessments from the entrepreneur. Comparing the two evaluations creates a more precise appraisal as the entrepreneur climbs the ladder of success. RISE includes data gathering and analysis functions that allow users to measure and report on the impact of entrepreneur development efforts over time.

RISE was created by Dr. T. Lyons, of Baruch College at the City University of New York and Dr. J. Lyons of Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago in partnership with Advanced Metrics. Tom is an internationally recognized expert in entrepreneur development. John is an internationally renowned expert in the development and use of structured assessment to engineer human service enterprises.

For more information on RISE, please contact: Tom Lyons at or 646-312-3633 or Steven Herr at