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Demystifying behavioral health data collection and analysis for improved behavioral health outcomes.


By: Nate Lubold


Santa Clara is a large and diverse county in California, with a wide range of behavioral health services provided by private behavioral health organizations. The county has a fantastic centralized decision support center, accompanied by an equally fantastic group of committed providers. One of their historic challenges has been the lack of data collection tools to capturing clinical data in a meaningful way to enhance real-time decision making at the client level and simultaneously build an aggregate set of data to present to local and state officials.

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Be more effective with a real understanding of your data.

By: Deena Minney

At Advanced Metrics, we have healthcare informatics solutions and strategies that effortlessly blend with your organization’s workflow. We work together to ensure you receive superior customer service, which includes facilitating outcome driven decision-making and pioneering technology.

Advanced Metrics was founded in 2012 by a group of leading healthcare providers and engineers who are driven by a core belief: proven science for practitioners in healthcare can be infused in practice, without data ruining the art of therapeutic alliance and shared decision-making.

We are your healthcare informatics solution to the challenges in data collection, assisting in the collaboration between practitioners and the client.

Health Informatics

When healthcare informatics software and data act as an aid, rather than a burden, outcomes and data quality improve, and all stakeholders ultimately benefit. We make data human.

Many of our experts and scientific advisors have the same valuable experience in relevant fields as our clients. This gives us great credibility and confidence as we collaborate with our clients, giving them solutions to their data needs.

What makes us stand out from other healthcare informatics software companies is our core belief in our clients’ work. We understand the challenges they face daily. Clinicians, teachers, and families are working tirelessly to improve the quality of life for those experiencing issues beyond their control. Advanced Metrics goes above and beyond to accommodate their needs: from guiding them to the right solution to ongoing training and support, and providing one-of-a-kind solution support departments.

After system implementation, we continue to build a relationship, instead of simply setting our sights on the next deal. Advanced Metrics has set up a process to make it easy for our partners to communicate with us, including email, newsletters and social media. We continue to adjust and improve our business and customer relations, based on what our clients need.

We would welcome an opportunity to talk with you about how we can help you and your team with your data challenges and provide solutions. Please contact Steve Herr at 443-690-2431 or by email at

Understand the data and achieve greater outcomes.

By: Deena Minney

In our last blog, we discussed how Advanced Metrics helps clients use health information technology and data analytics to improve outcomes in behavioral health.

So, what is data analytics? Data analytics is the qualitative and quantitative practices and processes used to enhance an organization’s output.

This data is extracted and categorized by our health information technology to identify and analyze behavioral data and patterns. In a nutshell, data analytics is just a fancier term for data analysis. The best part: our team of experts and our solutions do all of that in real time, so you don’t have to!

While data collection capability is available in a variety of health information technology solutions, a common challenge is the lack of options for real-time reporting. Advanced Metrics is designed to aggregate and analyze data from a centralized dashboard. With our advanced technology, we can quickly pinpoint patterns and care opportunities for improved insights.

Our health information technology works seamlessly with a variety of assessments specifically designed for decision support during the planning services process. It utilizes outcomes data to support clinical decisions in real time. Our solutions are web-based or can integrate with an existing EMR/EHR for ease of comprehensive reporting. Our clients are given the power of data to drive client and program level decision-making, resulting in improved outcomes for the patient and client.

What is so unique about Advanced Metrics? Our experts work in partnership with identified champions within your organization. Implementation is personalized to your organizational needs, beginning with requirements gathering, designing, verifications and ongoing maintenance. Advanced Metrics doesn’t just hand over a system and walk away.  We build an ongoing relationship with our clients, which includes training, collaboration, solution support and weekly check-ins. Advanced Metrics work to accommodate your busy schedules and our goal is to support your efforts.

Find out more by contacting our team at 443-690-2431 or by emailing Steve Herr at and let us show you how we can work with you and make your data human.

Baltimore, MD (January 30, 2015). Advanced Metrics, founded by a group of leading healthcare providers and engineers who are driven by a core belief that proven science for practitioners in healthcare can be infused in practice without having data ruin the art of therapeutic alliance and shared decision making, launched its newly designed website:

The new website showcases how the Advanced Metrics platform aggregates and analyzes data from a centralized dashboard that is designed to quickly pinpoint patterns and care opportunities for improved insights for specific healthcare segments.