Our company was founded by a group of leading healthcare providers and engineers who are driven by a core belief that proven science for practitioners in healthcare can be infused in practice without having data ruin the art of therapeutic alliance and shared decision making. When software and data act as aids in the synergy between practitioners and client, rather than a burden, outcomes improve, data quality improves, and all stakeholders benefit. Advanced Metrics became the solution to these challenges, launching within the walls of the University of Maryland tech incubator in 2012.

Our platform is agile and will be configured to collect and analyze your data from a centralized dashboard that is designed to quickly pinpoint patterns and care opportunities for improved insights. We turn an overwhelming amount of information into a resource for improving how you practice in real time. Our specially designed software gives healthcare professionals the tools they need to make sense of patient data from across the patient’s entire care team, or by way of algorithmic connections to best practice approaches.

Through advanced technologies and innovative, human-centered data analysis tools, we’re able to bridge the gap between science and service for improved collaborative careful decision making in real time. Advanced Metrics gets you to the right decision for effective caregiving, faster.

Advanced Metrics: Making data human.